Misogynistic Algorithms Workshop

Misogynistic Algorithms,” a virtual workshop on June 9, 2022, promises to be a fascinating discussion on the cultural basis of the gender bias prevalent in the very coding of AI and robotics technologies.

Convened by Kathleen Richardson (De Montfort University; Campaign Against Sex Robots), the workshop features presentations with titles such as, “Dehumanising Design: How Algorithms See the World and the Construction of Misogyny” (Paula Boddington, University of West London), “Mother of AI? Alan Turing on Ada Lovelace” (Teresa Heffernan, Saint Mary’s University), and “Man the Toolmaker, Woman the Tool: AI and the World’s Actual Oldest Profession (Kathleen Lowrey, University of Alberta).

The workshop is part of the virtual conference, “Anthropology, AI, and the Future of Human Society,” organized by the Royal Anthropological Society, in association with the British Science Fiction Association and the Future Anthropologies Network (FAN) of EASA.

Misogynistic Algorithms workshop: June 9, 2022 @ 5:00-6:30 pm (BST) | 12 noon-1:30 pm (EDT)

For more information on the program and registration fees: https://therai.org.uk/conferences/anthropology-ai-and-the-future-of-human-society