Automatons! 2018

Automatons! From Ovid to AI  

This lecture series, which ran from January 10th to April 24, 2018, was co-organized by Gord McOuat (King’s College) and Teresa Heffernan (Saint Mary’s University), with funding from King’s, Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s universities.

  1. Imagining Automatons – Dr. Teresa Heffernan (Jan 17 @ U. of King’s College)

2. Ancient Automatons – Courtney Ann Roby (Jan 25, 2018 @ U. of King’s College)

3. Artificial Intelligence: Successes & Challenges – Dr. Stan Matwin and Dr. Teresa Heffernan (Feb 14 @ U. of King’s College)

Part 1. Stan Matwin

Part 2. Teresa Heffernan

4. Imagined Puppet Life – Dr. Dawn Brandes (Feb 28 @ U. of King’s College)

5. Asian Robots & Orientalism – Dr. Simon Kow (Mar 7 @ U. of King’s College)

Video not available

6. War in the Age of Intelligent Machines – Dr. Noel Sharkey and Dr. Duncan McIntosh (Mar 21 @ Saint Mary’s University)

Video pending

7. Unmaking People: The Politics of Negation from Frankenstein to Westworld –  Dr. Despina Kakoudaki (Mar 29 @ U. of King’s College)

8. Making Up Minds: Thinking With, About and For Humans – Dr. Stephanie Dick (Apr 4 @ U. of King’s College)

For more information on this series click here.

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